Legal Disclosures

Last updated: March 25, 2014

The website is operated by TZ Insurance Solutions LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, through a Service Agreement with Tranzutary Insurance Solutions LLC, a Delaware limited liability company (“us” or “we”). We are licensed as a property and casualty insurance agency and certain of our agents are licensed property and casualty insurance agents. As a property and casualty insurance agency with property and casualty insurance agents, we and our agents are the representatives of the insurance companies whose property and casualty insurance we offer.

Our services are provided at no cost to you. When you purchase insurance through us, we receive compensation from the insurance company that issues the policy. This compensation may include commissions when a policy is purchased or renewed, and fees for marketing and administrative services and educational opportunities. The compensation may vary by insurance company and the specific product and features purchased. We may be entitled to receive bonuses and incentive trips or prizes associated with sales or sales performance. The products we offer may vary based on factors such as coverages selected, deductible selected, driving record, age and a number of other considerations.

We make no representation or warranty to you as to the financial or other suitability of any product described on this site for any user. In order to evaluate whether a particular product is suitable for your financial needs, you should contact your financial advisor. Our recommendation(s) of insurance coverage may not necessarily be the lowest rate alternative(s) available or the best alternative(s) for your individual needs. In identifying and recommending insurance products to you, we consider a variety of factors in addition to the premium rates and your personal information, including the insurer’s credit rating, the insurer’s reputation for service and claims settlement, the features of the policy and agent commissions and fees received by us.

Premium rates are as current and accurate as the information provided to us by our insurance company partners. The premium rates shown are for quoting purposes only, are not an offer of coverage and are not guaranteed. Final premium rates will be determined by the applicable insurance company and are based on individual circumstances. As a result of underwriting, final premium rates may differ from quoted premium rates.

Our property and casualty insurance licenses numbers for each jurisdiction that requires us to be licensed are set forth below:

Jurisdiction License Number
Alabama 560033
Alaska 107351
Arizona 1033587
Arkansas 402444
California 0I19316
Colorado 404486
Connecticut 2410674
Delaware 1215821
District of Columbia 3028685
Florida L087086
Georgia 168232
Hawaii 393299
Idaho 417819
Illinois 100569336
Indiana 822062
Iowa 1002194808
Kansas 900800577-0
Kentucky DOI-783990
Louisiana 570631
Maine AGN203521
Maryland 2102342
Massachusetts 1920087
Michigan 98212
Minnesota 40292452
Mississippi 15019786
Missouri 8273649
Montana 759925
Nebraska 100193385
Nevada 836499
New Hampshire 2157861
New Jersey 1363039
New Mexico 100009781
New York 1257010
North Carolina 900800577
North Dakota 2000054029
Ohio 963489
Oklahoma 100146241
Oregon 100177465
Pennsylvania 634148
Rhode Island No License
South Carolina 188727
South Dakota 10015830
Tennessee 2220439
Texas 1771161
Utah 417823
Vermont No License
Virginia 132365
Washington 808854
West Virginia 100145792
Wisconsin 2605930
Wyoming 229759

More information about our and our agents’ licenses is available from us upon request, or you may go to the applicable state insurance department for further information.

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